“It is not the things you do that will make you great,

it is the things you believe in.”


“'The reason i dropped out of faculty was because

I was always wanting to start a business.”


“It is not the things you fail at that are your down fall,

it is the things you Fear.”


“There is no room for foreplay in entrepreneurship,

its straight down & forward.”


“'Since primary to high school I'd sell sweets during classes,
take photographs & charge R5 @ lunch breaks

or school events & shoe sewing after school,
that was my business academy.”

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Lourenco Miguel is a motivational speaker renowned for his entrepreneurial capabilities, having started his first business in 2011 @ 26. He stresses the importance of an economically sustainable society to uplift businesses and entrepreneurs. Lourenco Miguel is also a promising writer/author.

Love God, Value Family, Respect people, Live with a purpose & give others the opportunity to be the best they can be. People who learn to let go, are strong, courageous and unbroken, it doesn’t matter what you are letting go off, but if it is time to let go…let it go and go seek fulfilment. We also teach you the three steps of fulfilment…Think…Believe & Act.

The only time you will find fulfilment is if you learn to let go. Change Your Beliefs Change your life.  If you want to know what your future looks like, listen to the things you tell yourself. Decide to be better today and you’ll be greater tomorrow.

Successful Businesses don’t just invest in people, they invest in people and make them the right people, they know where they are headed too & they value the term: STRATEGY. Leadership is dialogue try it. If you are not willing to go through a process, you are not willing to change. At the age of 26 Lourenco Miguel decided to take up on the challenges of the business world. Two years later, what was a small and simple start-up had become a million dollar business, and the question has always been how did he do it? Lourenco has shared the ‘Centre stage’ as he calls it with prominent Political, Business & religious leaders to speak about various aspects. He is multi-lingual and easily builds rapport with people from different cultures, backgrounds and has a unique style and approach to his life coaching and business seminars.

That is what I am about, help and guide you through the process of changing your life, transforming your business, discovering the greater you.



Emanuel Makandiwa
Founder of UFIC Church

"What will produce great entrepreneurs, successful individuals, God fearing & inspiring young life changers is: information and that is Lourenco Miguel, he is all of the above and his intervention at The Billionaire Mindset Seminar proved it."